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The quality of our being is our choice, our responsibility. The journey of knowing and loving ourselves is a prerequisite of our compassionate connection with others. At its heart is the befriending for the body with its language of sensations and emotions and an invitation to live with a deep sense of presence and well-being. My experience is that when our underlying pain is addressed, welcomed and honoured, the language of Nonviolent Communication naturally flows.


My fascination of what blocks our natural heart connection has led to over 30 years of meditative practice and exploration of trauma healing modalities. In addition to sharing somatic based NVC, I teach movements which nurture the self-connection required for self-empowerment. I also offer individual sessions for trauma, depression and addiction using somatic based Internal Family Systems (IFS).

Rik Midgley

I have spent over 2 years on Vipassana Mediation retreats, been developing and sharing ‘Self-Connection Qigong’ since 2008, learning and working with IFS since 2015, and was certified as a trainer of NVC in 2018.



Somatic Internal Family Systems with Living Compassion Coaching for inner exploration and healing trauma, anxiety, depression and addiction

Awareness with Movement

Awaken the feeling and befriend the body, and nurture understanding of the mind-body relationship in my 'Self-Connection Qigong' classes

Somatic NVC Workshops

Authentic heart connected communication with the empowerment of a body centred approach

Compassionate Mediation

Nurturing transformation and connection for couples and small groups

Returning to a grounded body aware perspective of life is the empowerment to live in awareness of deeper values and beliefs. It brings the resilience to be free to make choices based on both the body’s tangible yearnings and our intellectual understanding. It enables us to be at peace with ourselves, to feel safe in our own body, to be self-connected and experience the harmony of speaking with congruence. There comes a recognition that effective connection with others is not through intellectual discussion and finding agreement, but rather through a felt sense of how safe and harmonious we can feel in presence to each other.

There are awareness processes such as meditation and yoga that invite awareness of the body. Nonviolent Communication is an awareness process which uses the media of language to focus upon the relational. Attending to how we communicate is a ‘doorway’ into our deeper vulnerable selves, revealing the underlying energy driving our words and thoughts. Growing in awareness and understanding of our choice of words is an invitation is to walk towards ourselves, compassionately embracing what is presently alive, nurturing the space for forgiveness and growth. Connecting with ourselves with this loving kindness, empowers us to hold others with open loving curiosity, nurturing trust and mutual connection.


Befriending Emotions

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Polyvagal Theory from a Somatic NVC Perspective

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The most serious thing in life is to have fun, and this is the practice.



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