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One-to-One Somatic Coaching and Empathic Support

The intension of somatic coaching is to awaken a living awareness of how the tangible body contributes to our moment by moment perception of the world, and to our sense of well-being, self-acceptance and belonging. The nurturing of somatic connection builds safety and curiosity in the journey of befriending the body. It is pivotal in defining our quality and degree of participation in life, our capacity to be present, to be aware of world as it is now, free from distractions and traumatic influence.

It is a process of cultivating an empowered and harmonious relationship between mind and body through the awakening of awareness by nurturing sensitivity to what is tangibly present. This brings familiarity and understanding for the language of the body, and a recognition for its life serving purpose. This is a journey which asks for gentleness and kindness to reach for a transformational understanding in which there is space for forgiveness. And healing takes its own natural time. This is a process of building trust to surrender to hearing the body’s voice, and so allowing healing to unfold. While our mind can tie the tension, our body can let go.

Somatic coaching provides a supportive structure to enhance the empowerment of being in choice. To bring into conscious awareness the choice of both what and how to attend to that which we perceive. Its intension is to build and nurture:

A healthy natural relationship between mind and body, grounded and congruent.

A the capacity to live in the present moment, alert to body’s life enriching messages.

Resilience to stress and to remain in self-connection when experiencing intense emotion.

Tuning into the natural healing process, returning to self-acceptance and harmony.

In empathic coaching, I will guide you through a self-enquiry process to help you find clarity in what you are longing for. You will be supported on a process of building an understanding of the underlying causes of challenging issues in your life that you are struggling to deal with, to identify and express aspects of yourself that are stuck in pain or appear broken and incoherent. Offering compassion to these disowned parts of yourself opens the way to further exploration. I will support you to tangibly hold these painful parts, to create the space to enable you to choose ways forward.

Although we cannot heal another, other than physically, we can provide the compassionate presence to support the other to empower and heal themselves. Healing is a journey to face all obstacles that lie between our perceptions and our true essence, to connect with our deepest desire - to be free of past pain so as to live authentically in the moment, to live unselfconsciously and spontaneously. It is our spiritual path, a process of gradual restoration of the natural state of inner harmony. This is about empowering you to be your own coach, to be self reliant. You are the one who has access to your experience, you who can witness your inner longings, and it is you who can best understand how to feel your way forward.


Rik Midgley

Rik Midgley is a certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer, and has trained in Transformational Coaching, and trauma therapies such as Inner Family Systems and Hanna Somatics.


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