Choose Compassion



It is my intention to offer services in ways that value equality, inclusion, fairness, care and respect and that support wellbeing.

I recognise that, despite my best intention, my service may not always be delivered or received in the way I would like it to. I know there may be times when I do or say things that could stimulate painful feelings for you and events that do not fully meet your needs.


I welcome hearing feedback about anything you want to share with me because I am committed to learning and improving my sessions and my communication. If at any time your feedback is difficult for me to hear I commit to getting support to genuinely open my heart to what you want me to understand.

Contact me directly

Please send me an email with the word “complaint” in the subject, to share what you want me to know.  As soon as I receive this, I will do my best to respond to you within 48 hours and will organise a phone or video call with you.

My wish is for us to communicate with as much openness and clarity between us as possible – working with the NVC process to guide our communication.  I want to understand what happened, how you feel and what needs have not been met during the situation that you share with me.

I am keen to consider suggestions and requests for action that may be taken to resolve this matter and to prevent situations like this arising in the future.

 If we are NOT able to find a resolution together, I will refer you to the NVC-UK conflict team.

NVC-UK conflict team 

An NVC-UK conflict team is a group of NVC practitioners who help NVC communities to respond and move through conflicts by building agreements, skills and resilience. You can find out about them here: They will guide you through the service they offer.

If you are still feeling dissatisfied after meeting with the conflict team, you can contact the International Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC).

Centre for Nonviolent Communication

I am an NVC trainer certified with the International Centre for Nonviolent Communication. I hold a current agreement to practice which states the process CNVC uses to resolve disputes.

Contact be by email at