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Befriending Emotions - by Rik Midgley

Self-connection is the capacity to be aware of feelings, to welcome and understand their message. My experience is that as self-connection is nurtured, the empathic language of Nonviolent Communication naturally flows.

This workshop is about finding ease and a sense of safety in being in your own body. Opening up in awareness of the tangible self, building familiarity with the body’s language of emotions, and growing in clarity of the subtleties within our longings. It is about accepting ourselves as valued, whole, healthy human beings.

Befriending the body is an awareness process, one of knowing and loving ourselves. Stretching beneath our cultural conditioning to welcome our body sensations with curiosity, to feel into our deeper selves, and to allow space to be exactly as and who we are. With this slowing down, comes recognition that physical sensations are simply expressions of life flowing through us, emotions are messengers carrying information on how we are impacted by the world around us, and serve to enrich our lives. As this journey proceeds we

grow in capacity of self-connection which invites clarity of what is really of value

become empowered with choice, to be authentic and to act congruently

relax into self-acceptance and a sense of well-being naturally emerges

Emotions are a bridge between mind and body, holding elements of both thought and feeling. In this workshop, we will be approaching this bridge from two perspectives. Top-down is of the mind reaching to the body by using a vocabulary of feelings and needs in search of tangible resonance. Bottom-up focuses upon nurturing awareness of the body, building capacity to self-connect, and in allowing a sense of understanding to naturally unfold.

The workshop will begin at 10am with an hour of movement. Having a light breakfast before 9am will support participation. There will be a break sometime after 1pm until 3pm for lunch and rest.

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