Live Nonviolence

Mediation with Nonviolent Communcation Consciousness.

The focus in NVC mediation is upon creating connection; that is supporting people to both hear and be heard by the other. It is not about solving a dispute. Once mutual understanding is achieved, the conflicting parties will naturally suggest strategies from a place of knowledge and awareness of the relevant issues, which supports a feeling of responsibility and ownership of the way forward.

By using NVC consciousness in the mediation process, both parties will begin to learn how to look for the deeper meanings behind things that are said. In this, they are empowered to have deeper understanding in their relationships, and are thus more resilient to being stuck in dispute.

Conflict is a yearning for understanding, a need to open hearts to reach out for unseen possibilities. It is an opportunity to bring unknown dimensions of love and joy into our lives. Conflict is something to be welcomed into our lives. It symbolises our our individuality and our uniqueness. The diversity amongst us is the source of beauty in our lives.


Mediation in North Wales or Online

Rik offers mediation sessions in North Wales or online. These will assume no prior knowledge of NVC principles. He can also offer training sessions on how to hold an NVC mediation session.


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