Live Nonviolence

Self Connection Qigong

Self connection is the ability to be tangibly aware of what is alive in the body with curiosity and open acceptance. The body uses a language of sensations and feelings to share information on how it perceives that life may be enriched. Enhanced capacity of both self connection and self empathy hightens presence, and the body and mind move towards acting congruently. As the energy driving our thoughts begins to resonate with the energy in our body, well being and self-esteem grow, and awareness of the play of tension between the two becomes a dance of life that I enjoy calling 'nonviolence'.

Self Connection Qigong uses natural movements to explore the mind-body interaction from the body's perspective of tangible sensations. The practice supports familiarisation of this relationship, inviting enhanced awareness with a balanced mind, and highlighting the nature of feedback between mind and body. It uses awareness of movement to calm the mind, to break the habitual nature of the mind's influence and to cultivate a sense of non-reactivity from which the possibility of choice is enhanced. With moment to moment choice we are free, we are empowered, and we are fully alive. The process also supports relief from trauma in all degrees of intensity. Ranging from a recent unprocessed difficult moment which is held as some tension in the body, to an overwhelming experience as a young child that resulted in shut down of the intellectual mind. All that is alive is felt in the body in the present moment. As physical sensations are held empathically in awareness, with allowance and acceptance, no wanting them to be in any way different, healing will naturally follow.

Rik has been developing Self Connection Qigong since 2008. The movements are derived from Classical Yang Style Taichi (info), while he has incorporated body awareness from his practice of Vipassana Meditation (info) since 1990, an understanding of the empathic process through his Nonviolent Communication experience (certified 2018), a number of somatic healing and trauma release processes, and his personal practice of taichi and Iyengar yoga since 1990.

The workshops are a practical, systematic, yet playful explorations of how emotional energy is held in the body. They are a chance to 'hear' the body in its natural mode of expression, in its own language, enabling spaciousness and release. This opens connection, invites self understanding, and allows natural resilience and self-esteem to grow. The movements lead to improvements in both emotional and physical balance and harmony, and a sense of empowerment - you feel great for doing it!

Self Connection Qigong



This was the first time I have felt truth in my body, permission to feel truth in my body because Rik's class feels so authentic and safe, the imagery he used, communicated in such a gentle,loving and peaceful way offered an immediate opening into the present moment. Emma Cole, yoga teacher, London

This was an amazing workshop, it really worked for me in bringing my awareness to the tension I am holding. The way Rik lead this workshop was fantastic. We felt safe to relax, I found it releasing a great deal for me, it was awesome. Cathy Liste, Reflexologist, Poole

I experienced a profound state of stillness and peace in my first qigong class. Rik is a skillful, sensitive and inspiring teacher. He enabled me to come Home to myself. Lizzie Lumiyati, London

Beautiful class. Each time I've been I feel soft, open and energised afterwards. Rik has a depth of knowledge and a huge wisdom in his field. Michelle


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