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RIK MIDGLEY, Nonviolent Communication (NVC), North Wales

I am an internationally certified trainer of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), living near Bangor, North Wales. Prior to my interest in communication, I have worked for about a decade in atmospheric and oceanographic research scientist, and later as a ceramic artist.

Driven by a yearning to live harmoniously, in 1990 I was fortunate to discover the self introversion process of Vipassana Meditation, which utilises the liberating power of connecting empathically to our physical sensations, and my daily practice has become a grounding anchor in my life. Wanting to build resilience in being present, I have studied various trauma therapies which, from 2008, I have have incorporated into my variation of qigong ‘Awareness and Movement’. I have grown passionate about the power of listening tangibly to our bodies, trusting their underlying compassionate message and inherent capacity to heal. I understand this to be the heart of self empowerment and the grass root of sustainable social change.

Rik Midgley

My first workshop in Nonviolent Cmunication (NVC) in 2011 was a revelation. I realised that I had been living in the mind, in a world of judgments, ideas and concepts, and that there was an alternative. The process of NVC supported me to connect tangibly to whaomt is alive inside, to speak from a place of integrity, in line with my deeper desires. It has empowered me to talk with confidence and clarity in a way that connects with others, and also to hear others with greater empathy and understanding, especially in times of conflict or emotional distance. Relations with people, both at home and at work, have become deeper and more meaningful. On occasions when there may have previously been confusion and resentment, I find myself standing my ground and with a calmer, open heart, expressing what I truly want.

Although NVC's simple communication techniques are not hard to learn, their mastery is a spiritual practice, a lifetime's work in pursuit of a deep sense of harmony. This journey for me is full of excitement and meaning, and has brought joy and safety to my life. Continually NVC supports me to connect with a deeper sense of myself and my values, enabling me to live more in tune with myself and more in harmony with others.

I feel compelled to continue learning and sharing NVC as I believe it to have the potential to transform today's society, bringing peace and understanding into all aspects of community. Conflicts become opportunities for understanding, and creating strategies based on mutual respect and consent. I am filled with hope that people will break down the barriers which prevent them from connecting to the love in their own hearts, so enabling them to step into the future, compassionately considering the needs of all.

Rik Midgley

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