Choose Compassion

ONLINE Weekly Intermediate Level Deepening into NVC with Rik Midgley

Mondays and Wednesdays 9:30am to 12:00am, ongoing

My intension is to create a welcoming empathic space with a focus upon nurturing an underlying compassionate presence which naturally inspires authentic connecting thought and speech. At the heart of this, a growing capacity for self-connection empowers capacity to have choice of action at times when we are prone to respond habitually. I see it as a process of befriending the body, trusting our innate yearning to live, to be safe and harmonious; to thrive!

This is an opportunity to deepen and enliven your practice of living the energy of NVC consciousness, and create community. I love live NVC, welcoming the vulnerable edges that show up as gifts, opportunities to invite healing, to create presence, a journey of revealing a deepening trust in Marshall’s assumption of universal human needs. Activities such as group discussions, role plays, pair and small group work, dance floors etc can be requested.

This weekly morning intermediate workshop is open to all that have completed a minimum of 2 days training and/or have at least one years experience of living/applying NVC. I am limiting numbers to 6 to maintain a sense of intimacy and connection, and support having a meaningful level of individual participation.

Rik Midgley


I am certified trainer of Nonviolent Communication, practising since 2011. I understand NVC to be a living consciousness, a way of being, a longing to live harmoniously, and to be empowered to have the capacity to speak authentically in challenging times while remaining in connection with my deeper values and longings.

My passion is in growing in ‘presence’. That is nurturing the capacity to be self connected and aware of the choice i have, moment by moment to be either in the ‘head’ world of judgements and stories, or to live the shift into ‘heart space’ where compassion flows naturally. In addressing this in my life, I have been practicing the introspective technique of Vipassana Meditation since 1990 and have been sharing a physical awareness process I call ‘Self Connection Qigong’ since 2010.


My passion is to make NVC available to anyone regardless of financial constraints, as well as to honour the spiritual intension of this priceless work. In doing so I want to step towards the concept of ‘gift culture’. My longing is to freely give, open-heartedly embracing abundance, inclusion and a sense of welcome/belonging in our community. It would be a gift for me to receive any financial offering that you would enjoy giving in acknowledgement that you are supporting the sustainability of my work, and contributing to my welfare. In choosing this, I request that you also honour how you value these sessions, what you would love to offer, as well as holding an awareness of your own financial choices, restraints and commitments. If you arrive at a range of values of what would be sweet for you to give, consider the lower if you are caring for your own security.

I am sad to share that holding my workshops in this way in the UK over the last 4 years has led me to be barely paying for my own expenses, and I have experienced more participants are dropping out at the last minute than I am comfortable with. In addressing this I am choosing a sliding scale of £10 to £40 for this session. If this is difficult for you, please contact me


Booking is essential as places are limited to 6. Please send me an email if you have not come before, along with your chosen amount, and I will respond to confirm your place. If you have been before, I will hold your place until the end of Monday if you have asked me. Alternative ways of transfering money to me can be found HERE

Any issues, please contact me on or 07788952106.