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NVC Events and Workshops with Rik Midgley

Rik Midgley is a CNVC certified trainer living in North Wales. I am passionate about presence, the tangible awareness of life flowing through me, and what enhances my capacity to live in integrity and choice. I have experienced that the healing required to live in presence is rooted in how I am aware of my own body sensations. This quality of listening is of impartiallity, curiosity and kindness, while holding an authentic acceptance for what is perceived, that it is perfect as it is, nothing to be fixed, but simply an expression of all that has previously touched me. It is the knowing and befriending of who I am as I show up. This is also my empowerment, my capacity to contribute compassionately to social change. I run workshops that celebrate this 'Consciousness', both from a top down perspective (mind to body) in my sharing of NVC, and bottom up, in my awareness and movement sessions that I call Self-Connection Qigong.

Rik Midgley

I enjoy holding spaces for small groups in an open structured format. Rather than classroom like environments, my experience is that NVC is more effectively digested through practice and connection with others with greater fluency, while in a natural way which energetically mimicks real life situations. It is a process which supports the revealing of our inherent capacity to use language in a way that works for us! If you are a group of say 5 people, I am open to holding something to meet your needs. Please get in touch.


ONLINE Weekly Intermediate NVC workshop on Mondays and Wednesdays 9:30-12:00

This is an ongoing intermediate level workshop, held on Wednesday mornings.

For more detalis, participation requirements and place availability click HERE


Befriending Emotions, an introductory online workshop

Saturday 21 November 10:00 to 12:00

Feel safe in your body, learn to value the message within emotions and grown in the empowerment of self-connection. For more details click HERE


Alternative ways of transfering money to me can be found HERE


Bangor, North Wales Nonviolent Communication (NVC) practice group

An NVC practice group started in November 2016. It is currently meeting intermitently online. This is an opportunity to learn and practice NVC in community. The group is still willing to accept new members, if you are interested in joining email for more information. We are currently meeting in an outdoor location.


NVC-Summerfest 2020. Our camp is currently suspended due to Covid19, although we are hoping to put on some kind of smaller community camping event in early August. Go to NVC Summerfest for more details.



I will be giving workshops ONLINE at the Buddhafield Gathering 15-19 July, and the Green Earth Awakening (near Wellington, Devon), at the Rainbow Mill Camp at the end of August (near Norwich), and at the NVC Summerfest lite, 31 July - 5 August, near Bristol.


MEDIATION WITH NVC CONCIOUSNESS. Rik offers workshops in Mediation as well as holding mediation spaces.

ONE TO ONE. Use the compassionate pressence of NVC consciousness to explore issues and support you to move towards healing.

SELF CONNECTION QIGONG. Rik offers workshops in Mindfulness and Movement Qigong strong influences from Mindfulness meditation and body NVC.



Rik holds a friendly, warm and nurturing space where I feel safe to explore and develop NVC. Rik is incredibly sensitive to both the needs of the group and to the individual. His enthusiasm for the subject, and passion for social change is infectious, I always come away feeling hugely inspired and empowered. Thank-you Rik!

Emma – acupuncturist.

"I really enjoy training in NVC with Rik. He has a great passion for NVC and his enthusiasm makes his sessions a joy to attend. I welcome his creation of a "safe place" for us to show up authentically.  Rik "walks his talk," and it is apparent he has dedicated himself to growth and wisdom utilizing NVC and other paths.   I love how Rik seems to be able to hear the gifts in the needs of others even when they express them tragically."

Erik, Acupuncturist


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