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NVC Events and Workshops with RIK MIDGLEY

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Workshop in Bethesda, Bangor, North Wales.

Saturday 16th November 2019, 10am - 5pm, Gerlan, Bethesda.

This day long workshop is for those new to NVC. It will cover the foundational structure, and incorporate much practice. To get the most from the day, I recommend that you first check out some of the resources given on this web site. This is a gift culture event with a sliding price scale of £0 - £80. In choosing this about I would like you to consider both that in the asking, I am trying to make this work financially sustainable for myself, while also wanting to make this valuable work available to those with less financial means

Please confirm if you wish to attend so I have an idea of numbers, either by emailling or calling 07788952106. Please arrive by 10am so that we can begin promptly. Feel welcome to bring a dish to share for our pot luck lunch, and there is a request that this be suitable for vegetarians.


Bangor, North Wales Nonviolent Communication (NVC) practice group

An NVC practice group has started in November 2016 and meets fortnightly, usually early on a Friday evening. This is an opportunity to learn and practice NVC in community. The group is still willing to accept new members, if you are interested in joining email for more information.

NVC-Summerfest 2109. A camp 30 July - 4 August near Frome, with 5 certified trainers. See HERE for details.



I will be giving workshops at the Buddhafield Gathering 12-16 July and the Green Earth Awakening 20-24 September (both near Wellington, Devon), at the Rainbow Mill Camp at the end of August (near Norwich), and at the NVC Summerfest, 31 July - 5 August, near Bristol.


Rik Midgley offers sessions/workshops in North Wales:

MEDIATION WITH NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATION ( NVC) CONCIOUSNESS. Rik offers workshops in Mediation as well as holding mediation spaces.

ONE TO ONE. Use the compassionate pressence of NVC consciousness to explore issues and support you to move towards healing.

AWARENESS AND MOVEMENT QIGONG. Rik offers workshops in Mindfulness and Movement Qigong strong influences from Mindfulness meditation and body NVC.

SOCIOCRACY. Rik offers introductory workshops and follow ups to this powerful decision making process.

WALKING WITH NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATION NVC CONCIOUSNESS IN NORTH WALES. Rik offers guided walks in the Snowdonia mountain range while holding an NVC space.

For further details email: