Darren Edgley

I started my  interest in ceramics in school in the late 1970. After leaving school with a CSE grade 1 and an O level grade A  both In art and design. I left ceramics to become a floral artist, although I still  had an interest in the medium, selling ceramics glassware and gifts  alongside the floral art. I  designed  and  commissioning a range of ceramics under the Moira Edgley brand after my mother in 1987 to sell in my floral art studio.  During this period I worked for extended periods in London and Dubai. 

I have also designed and created work for royalty and celebrity’s including HRH The Queen.  

I left the world of flowers in 2012 to carry on with art interests. I have a first class  BA hons in Fine art , using ceramics to create 3-dimensional site specific artworks, commissions and artisan ceramics. More recently I have been working on a range of work to retail in gallery’s exhibiting in Orel Mon Anglesey Two and Throw Dyserth also The potters gallery  whilst working on commissions and larger sculptured works. I like to work using historical research, my latest work has been created by using my great uncle George Clews, who had a ceramic works in the 1900s producing export ceramics  for the American market. Clews chameleon Ware is still available to buy today Day on websites it’s such as eBay. My latest work has 1950s vibes, this was not intentional, I suppose its just the fine artists coming out.


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