Ian Marsh


I am inspired by the colours of the trees, rocks, moors and mountains in Snowdonia National Park. I live and work in a beautiful valley in the Vale of Ffestiniog. All my pots are handbuilt using coils, extrusions, or slabs. I was a Maths teacher in a former life and hence am influenced by geometric shapes. The raw clay is decorated with texture or slip. The pieces are bisque fired before glazing and firing to stoneware temperature (1260—cone 8). I mix my own glazes, and spray, dip or pour them onto the bisque ware.

The pots are fired in a electric kiln as well as in a reduction atmosphere in a gas kiln. I have slab roller to help produce large slabs of clay. A pneumatic extruder to produce the cylindrical, square and hexagonal tubes. Handbuilding tends to produce a large amount of waste and I have a de-airing pugmill to recycle the clay.

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Tel. 01766 590204