Jane Samuel


Working from my studio on Anglesey, I draw inspiration from the sea and surrounding shoreline to create unique stoneware sculptures, reflecting not only the natural elements of my surroundings but also the nature of life and our journey through it.

I incorporate within the individual forms elements of bone china shards and wire, these I see as markers in time, some forms are left empty resonating with what might have been or what was. The fragile shards of bone china, remind us of the many fragile layers found within broken shells and echo the fragility of the human mind and body coupled with the unpredictability of life itself.

In our forever changing world it is my belief that we constantly seek to make connections, whether physical or emotional, to each other and to our surroundings. This has been emphasised even more during the pandemic that swept the world at the beginning of 2020; a time where people have sought to become more connected throughout the disconnection and isolation of lockdown.

Each unique and sculptural form begins its journey by taking stoneware clay, forming and refining it ready to be bisque fired. Once fired some are ready to hold fragile shards of bone china and wire; each individual shard is carefully placed and surrounded with layers of glazes including a volatile lava glaze, a second firing brings all these elements together in a continuation of its journey. During firing the glaze reacts with the wire and pushes the shards producing the unique finish that reflects the unpredictability of life. I then finish their journey together by grinding away the surface of the glaze to reveal the hidden beauty beneath. The fragile shards are now being ‘held’ in strong silence by the stoneware form that surrounds it.


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