Louise Schrempft

The influences on my work come from a myriad of sources, from overheard conversations on the train, to news paper headlines or inspiring ancient art, I also love to read, often making notes, taking inspiration from favorite authors, I’ll often jot these on bits of paper or make little doodles, which I will work on later. these starting points often causing much confusion and consternation at a later date when I cant remember what exactly I meant when I wrote it down!

I want my work to reflect and celebrate the humor and tragedy, the absurdity, and even sadness of our lives, and also the underlying symbiosis that makes these elements indispensible to each other, Bringing together the disparate ideas observations and other influences that result in a final piece of work.

I also to spend time observing, and although I do feel that it is not entirely healthy to spend all my time analyzing my own interpretations of the world around me, I do try and occasionally raise my head above the parapet and look at what is going on around me and in the art world. I cannot honestly say that I understand every nuance, after all there are some things that we choose to take on board and others we chose to let pass us by.

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