Pea Restall

Making, drawing and painting are part of me. I cannot separate my work from life, or my life from the work. When I am intrigued, influenced or dominated by an idea, it splashes into the work through a variety of media and techniques; structure, painted imagery, repeated forms, pattern, or symbols as I can become totally immersed in the materials. Most sculptures/installations are created through maquettes using a variety of media, and drawings and then developed, often in clay through hand building forms, and using found and created moulds using my own combinations of clays and often paperclay, fired to 1100- 1200, and decorated with oxides/majolica glaze. I also often incorporate found and altered mixed media into pieces, and more recently my own photographs/ photo collage ceramic transfers, and modelled wax.
My subject matter is often experimentation with elements of the human form, considering- what physically makes us appear human, and which features of the body are important to express gesture/emotion/attitude? I also create structures to represent the internal themes that make us more than physical bodies, memory, thoughts, experience etc

I am passionate about creating through making, and often experiment with visualisation and ideas generation techniques transferred directly into materials to develop physical ideas alongside drawn ideas. I am very connected to clay, and am interested in challenging the perception of any ceramics as ‘everyday objects’, which often dismisses the 1,000s of years of tradition in developing techniques, forms and surfaces, and disregards the need for current makers using clay to develop these skills to produce fired ceramic work.

My studio is my creative cave of chaos, full of clay, materials, equipment, and objects. It is set into the walls of Gwyrch Castle, nestling with hills behind, and across from the seafront in Abergele, Conwy, North Wales. The rawness of the landscape, and the age of the house and studio feed this connection to the past, and to skills/lives of previous artists and makers.


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Hen Wrych Hall, Llandulas Rd, Abergele, Conwy LL22 8EU

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