Richard Daniels


I have built two cross draught, down draught 30 cu ft. LPG fired kilns, one stoneware and the other salt fired stoneware, which I fire to 1300 c. Most of my work is thrown on a Leach kick wheel or on an electric wheel. I also enjoy making extruded slab dishes—a process that still fascinates me. My work mainly consists of one off pieces and related groups of pots.

My attitude towards my work has become more sensitive to what I am doing and why I am doing it. As a consequence, I utilise locally sourced clays, minerals, oxides and wood ash in my slips and glazes. Salt glaze seems to emphasise and complement the somewhat unpredictable nature of these ‘as dug’ materials. I feel comfortable with this work ethic and continue to experiment, forever trying out new and interesting found materials. My influences are many and varied as I continue to question my ever inquiring mind.



Inside Richard Daniel's salt kiln

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