Rik Midgley


In 2000 Rik established his first ceramic studio in Bethesda, high in the mountains of Snowdonia. Unlike most potters, he only fires his ceramics once, overcoming technical difficulties to save of both fuel and time, while closer integrating glaze and texture.

Rik has applied his scientific experience from his previous career to developing a diverse and colourful array of stoneware glazes. Throwing on a momentum wheel made from a trailer wheel, he alters shapes and surfaces to interact with his glazes. His pots have an organic feel, and appear fiercely handmade. He once fires to high stoneware temperature in a 15 cu ft gas fired kiln.

Rik also runs workshops in the summer as ‘The Beaker People’s Stone Age Pottery’ where pots are built, usually from locally dug clay, and fired in a glorified Celtic clamp kiln, which will take various sculptural forms, dragons being the most popular. He also shares the art of Nonviolent Communication and Self-Connection Qigong.

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Dragon kiln by Rik Midgley

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